Do you want to review your product label with experts?

We can help you to check your label!

A good label, in addition to excellent advertising, also a legal obligation.

Labeling wisely! Worth it!

Don't skimp on the label review!

During the label review, we quickly and efficiently check the texts, statements and graphic elements on the labels of your products point by point in accordance with the legislation in force, and then, in the event of an error or non-compliance, we make a specific proposal for correcting or correcting the mistakes. 

Let's look for mistakes together!

Is the name correct?

Is the nutrition information correct?

Are the claims correct?

Is the used font size correct?


Our label review service is much more than a simple label check. With our decades of experience and customized solutions, we offer fast and efficient solutions for almost every industry. With our label review services, in addition to taking responsibility, we promote compliance with regulations, their interpretation, and the possibility of up-to-date and up-to-date labeling.


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