Legal Advice on Food Safety and Consumer Protection

Specialised authorities supervising various activities might impose sanctions, frequently in the form of fines due to non-compliance or irregularities even on companies using most stringent quality policy requirement systems.

In accordance with the updated legislation, anybody may seek judicial remedy against a decision made by an administrative or other official body which violates his/her right or lawful interest.

Judicial remedies are regulated by a number of national laws, the ignorance or misinterpretation of which may prevent the companies involved in the procedures from seeking these.

This is why our company manages legal advice on food safety and consumer protection as a service field of special importance and makes sure a team of skilled experts is available for customers.


Our legal advisory service related to food safety and consumer protection includes:

  • interpretation of and advice provision in connection with the national food safety and consumer protection legislation related to products, product families and services distributed by our customers;
  • interpretation of and advice provision in connection with the legislation related to the enforcement of guarantee and warranty claims;
  • giving assistance in disputes related to buyer complaints,
  • personalized advice provision in accordance with our customers’ demands in the interpretation of decisions issued by administrative bodies and in submitting appeals if required.

If you require our reports made in English in addition to the Hungarian version within our advisory service.

Request our quotation if you are interested in our services, so that we can welcome you among our customers soon.

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